Cleaning the exterior of your home is more than simply removing algae and mildew off the siding of your home, or removing black mold from your concrete.  It is also cleaning and polishing your windows as well!

Clean windows not only make your home look bright and friendly, but can work wonders for your overall curb appeal.  There is no denying that window cleaning is a troublesome chore, however.  This can be magnified if your facility is 2 or more stories high!  That’s where we can help.

Newly Restored can provide you with a spot free finish to your windows.  Our technicians not only provide the traditional squeegee method of cleaning, but also Water fed Poles.  Water fed poles provide a spot free cleaning to your windows without the use of chemicals.  Simply using water!  Additionally, we can typically reach up to 4 stories from the ground without the need for a lift.