When dealing with odors, we use several different types of odor removal and deodorization / sanitization processes depending on the type of odor and where it is located. All of our processes destroy odors rather than mask them.

  1. For the removal of tough odors (mold, severe pet odors, and smoke), we use Chlorine dioxide, which is well known as an effective agent for oxidizing microorganisms and reducing odor. Cl02 mitigates odors at the source rather than merely masking them, therefore, it can attack tough odors that other processes cannot get. We removed the lingering smell of fish from a hotel room with this process.
  2. To remove lighter but still persistent odors, we utilize Thermo-fogging. It is a heat activated chemical that produces a fog to destroy odor. It kills odors that are in textile surfaces as well.
  3. For continual odor removal, we recommend the purchase of our air purifier. They are available in various sizes to fit your particular needs. Our system not only destroys odors, eliminates smoke, and reduces harmful contaminants ordinary cleaning can leave behind, but also scrubs the air with space shuttle technology that scrubs the air’s carbon dioxide to reproduce oxygen leaving a pleasant “rainfall” aroma.

Common Odors

  • Mold and Mildew
  • Pet Odor (Including urine, dead animals, or skunk sprays)
  • Food
  • Smoke
  • Chemicals
  • Bacteria and Allergens
  • Septic Tank and Sewage Leaks
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