We are excited to announce that Newly Restored is one of the only Power Washing companies in the United States to incorporate Drones in our commercial cleaning services.  Drones can dramatically reduce the time on site (up to 20%), thus reducing impact on your company and it’s clients.  Plus it is safer than traditional methods by keeping the technicians on the ground rather than in a lift.

Why Drone Wash?

Safety First!

Obviously, safety is the number one concern for those in the exterior cleaning industry. Currently insurance companies limit the number of floors that can be accessed from a ladder to clean residential and commercial properties, and many lift companies require training to be done before operating a lift.

When it comes to exterior cleaning, the need for power washing companies to eliminate the dangers of climbing tall ladders, and using lifts to clean taller structures has finally become a reality. Drone Cleaning.

Soft Wash

Using a soft-wash technique that mixes water, chemical solutions, and soap, our certified commercial drone pilots can easily direct that solution to kill dirt, algae, mold, bug residue, and animal waste from windows, exterior walls, roofs, and other structures. The process is followed by a water rinse. The soft-wash method offers a deep and lasting clean, while guaranteeing no damage is inflicted on the structural features of the building.

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Pressure When Needed

High-pressure systems are used on rugged industrial and commercial surfaces, such as concrete, brick, storage tanks and bridges. The high-pressure sprayers can be finely calibrated, allowing for a safe and optimal solution. Furthermore, our drones can be tethered to a utility truck that uses specialized hoses and a pump to load cleaning liquid and provide sustained spraying for larger and long-lasting jobs.

Will it Work for My Facility?