Concrete is no longer relocated to the outdoors. More homeowners are bringing concrete into the home. From concrete countertops to epoxy floor coatings to decorative concrete overlays, concrete gives surfaces an entirely different look and feel. We are trained in our field of not only applying concrete coatings and overlays, but in cleaning and sealing your concrete surfaces.

Our Process


Remove any loose debris with a vacuum or broom.


Lightly wet the surface of the concrete.  This will break the tension and allow the solution longer time to dwell without drying too quickly.


Apply concrete cleaning solution.


After sufficient dwell time, surgically remove dirt with indoor surface cleaner.


Use corner tools to corners, edges, and under cabinets.


Rinse surface to remove any excess dirt and solution, and extract to onboard waste tank.


Apply optional concrete coating.

Trusted and Trained Experts

Newly Restored offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our services. We assure you that soils will be completely removed from your facility, not just moved around. Call us today for a free estimate!