Michael "Kapp" Brown | Mar 1, 2019

Green algae is EVERYWHERE! I know you have noticed, unless you have seen so much of it that you have become numb to the ugly green invasion on many houses and buildings. The wet and damp weather that we have received throughout the past year has produced an abundance of green algae on our exterior surfaces.This nasty growth shows up on the north side of your house, or on a shaded part of your deck, on your side path, or other areas that don’t get a lot of direct sunlight.

  • It is unattractive to look at. Green algae is not a pretty decoration to have on your home or building. It is dirty and makes your home or workplace look dingy and unkempt.
  • Green algae is the #1 cause of house stains. It doesn’t matter what type of siding or surface that you have. Green algae will eventually leave stains. This is especially true of the north and south sides, since they have the most algae buildup due to receiving the least amount of sunlight. The length of time algae has been on a surface determines how difficult it will be to remove it.
  • Algae spreads. Green algae appears on may types of surfaces – not just vinyl siding. It also appears on brick, stone, concrete, hardscaping, and even rooftops.

If green algae isn’t bad enough, there are other villains attempting to take over our outdoor spaces. Let’s take a look at those while we are at it…

  • Black mold. Black mold has a protective capsule that gives it it’s dark color and protects it from the sun. As a result, it can grow in full sunlight on surfaces such as rooftops, paths, and driveways. Black mold has a sooty grey or black appearance and can be solid in color, appear in streaks, or patches. Although it is a growth, it tends to make any area look dirty. Black mold is often tough to remove – unless you have the right process!
  • Lichens. Lichen comes in many colors, sizes, and forms. They are plant-like in looks, but they are not plants. Lichen is a scaly growth that can live on just about any outdoor surface. Because of it’s digestive nature, it is difficult to remove without pitting, and damage. To remove lichen can be a messy and time consuming process.
  • Moss. Moss is a green, carpet-like growth that can grow on a wide variety of outdoor surfaces. It is sometimes used in gardens for decorative purposes and can look quite attractive in landscapes. However, moss will grow where it is not wanted such as driveways, decks, fences, and even roofs. In those circumstances, moss not only looks bad, but can be a dangerous slip and fall hazard. Moss is very slippery!

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