Jeremy Ginder | Nov 20, 2019

Do you have a chalky white substance on your siding? Chances are you have what’s called oxidation or carbon staining. Oxidation can show up on any area of vinyl siding and can be a nuisance. The cause of oxidation could be a variety of things. During seasons of high heat, or extreme rain and dampness, oxidation thrives. Although, at times it can be difficult to remove this oxidation, there are ways to restore your siding to look like new again.

You may be thinking, “well, why can’t I just wash it off with water?” Many times simply washing with water will revel a higher concentration of oxidation because it is hidden below surface dirt. To properly remove the oxidation, you must apply some type of chemical or detergent to break it down. Typically this is done with an alkaline based chemical rather than an acidic chemical. To learn the difference between the two, take a look at our other blog entitled “Science of Cleaning 2.” A simple de-greaser from your grocery store should do the trick.

Due to the stubborn nature of oxidization, you may find that even after applying these chemicals, the oxidation still persists. If that is the case the oxidation could be permanent and not able to be removed. Imagine a paint job on a car from the 70s or 80s before they applied the clear coat. An old car from that time is almost always oxidized. Like the car, there are times when the siding breaks down, and the oxidation seeps into areas and is unable to be removed.

Oxidation can be removed, but can cause a homeowner a headache. The chemicals and degreasers that professionals use are specifically formulated for specific cleaning issues. If you are unable to remove the oxidation yourself, give us a call. We might have a solution!

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